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Grow Hemp and Explore the Cannabis Research

 Conference series LLC LTD is open resource platform that conducts International conference across the world and it is one of the leading Event Organizer. With its world class state of innovation and information our conferences facilitate knowledge dissemination through various keynote forums, Workshops, Poster presentation and many more.

            The upcoming 4th International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research is scheduled at Sydney, Australia on April 6-7, 2020. The main theme of this conference is Challenges and Barriers in Agronomy, Medicinal & upshot of Cannabis. Sydney, Australia is considered as one of the best venues for conducting conferences due its favourite tourist destinations. This meeting will explore advances in the Cannabis. The participants can exchange and share their research results covering the scientific aspect of Cannabis, Cannabis Cultivation, Medicinal Plant Chemistry, Extraction techniques, Cannabis: Neurology and its Effects on Brain, Neuroimaging, Cannabis & Psychiatry, Addiction, Cannabis Use and Crime, Social Effects of cannabis, Toxicity and Patient Safety, Therapeutics and other Uses. Cannabis 2020 will encourage Young Researcher’s Forum, scientists and the researchers in their early stage of career graph to widely discuss their outcome to enrich and develop the idea.

          The primary point of the Conference is to bring the most recent data and best practices on the presentation of restorative cannabis into current proof-based prescription and to build up the utilization of therapeutic cannabis conference as a standard medicinal technique. To accomplish its point, the 4th International Conference on Medical Cannabis Conference is structured as an open discussion for researchers and different specialists, for professionals in the field, for example, restorative specialists, drug specialists, medicinal attendants and other paramedical staff, for patient activists, for leaders and business people, for the overall population and, to wrap things up, for the media.

     This Cannabis conference offers emerging prestigious awards to outstanding researchers, academicians and Students who have inspiring enthrallment towards the conference themes. The Award strives in providing a high professional development opportunity for academicians meeting experts in the cannabis field, interacting with colleagues from all parts of the world, and creating networks and long-term relations.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Submit your abstracts for Cannabis 2020 Meeting

                    Conference series is organizing “4th International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research ”which is going to be held on April 06-07,2020 at Sydney, Australia.The Theme of the conference is “Challenges and Barriers in Agronomy, Medicinal & upshot of Cannabis.
                            This conference is going to cover the entire field related to Cannabis, its benefits and the management and it also cover what is the innovative research. Our Conference can review the major event in developing, upgrading and teaching Cannabis, Neurology, Addiction, Case Reports and many more. Our Discipline strongly bracing by the possibilities offered by Cannabis and by the progress in experimental cannabis, needs this important moment, which can be reviewed by our World Congress Event. In the same way, the achievements of randomized clinical trials, epidemiological surveys, and large meta-analysis will allow us to better understand the possibilities and advantages of cannabis.
                              The conference highlights of 2020 are as follows: Cannabis, Cannabis Cultivation, Medicinal Plant Chemistry, Extraction techniques, Cannabis: Neurology and its Effects on Brain, Neuroimaging, Cannabis & Psychiatry, Addiction, Cannabis Use and Crime, Social Effects of cannabis, Toxicity and Patient Safety, Therapeutics and other Uses.

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4th International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research

4th International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research, which is planned amid April 06-07, 2020 at Sydney, Australia. The principle subject of the meeting is "Challenges and Barriers in Agronomy, Medicinal and upshot of Cannabis " which covers wide scope of fundamentally vital sessions. It's a stage to convey all the Cannabis researchers together to share their encounters. It's the amalgam of logical research just as inventive thoughts.
Addictive disarranges, for instance, substance misuse and reliance is customary issue that incorporates the maltreatment of liquor or medications. Enslavement makes after some time and is an unremitting and falling away from the faith illness. There are three distinct terms used to characterize substance-related addictive disarranges:
Substance Abuse as a confusion, implies the misuse of unlawful substances or the oppressive use of legal substances. Alcohol is the most notable authentic medication to be mishandled
Substance dependence is an addictive issue that depicts proceeded with utilization of medications or liquor, notwithstanding when noteworthy issues identified with their utilization have created.
Chemical dependence is also an addictive issue that depicts the pressing use of synthetic compounds (ordinarily medications or liquor) and the inability to stop using them regardless of the significant number of issues caused.
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Saturday, October 27, 2018

International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research

Are you excited to meet our speakers, then join with us Cannabis and Medicinal Research during November 15,16-2018 @Osaka, Japan
The program is out:-https://cannabis-marijuana[.]
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Submit your abstracts:-https://cannabis-marijuana[.]

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Medicinal cannabis is safe and effective

I heard that

Medicinal cannabis is safe and effective in pain relief, and researchers are calling for the treatment to be properly established in our modern medical arsenal. A new special issue of the European Journal of Internal Medicine provides a comprehensive overview of current evidence for the use of cannabis and derived products in medicine, and calls for more research to improve the evidence base for its use.
“We feel it is absolutely imperative to not only present the current state of affairs, but also propose the development of the scientific research program within the paradigm of evidence-based medicine,” said Prof. Victor Novak, guest editor of the special issue and a professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. “Our ultimate aim should be to scientifically establish the actual place of medical cannabis derived products in the modern medical arsenal.”
Cannabis has been used for centuries in pain relief, as a sleep aid and for many other purposes, yet there is little evidence on its safety and effectiveness. This is in part due to relatively recent legal restrictions on its use, which have hampered research efforts and resulted in doctors having little to no understanding of its use.
However, there has been an explosion in the number of studies published since 2012. The new special issue provides two major studies on the use of cannabis in cancer patients and the elderly, as well as a comprehensive overview of the evidence, regulations, ethics and practical use. The authors and editors call for more research to improve the evidence base.
In a study led by Prof. Novak, a team of researchers from Israel analyzed data collected during the medicinal cannabis treatment of 2,970 cancer patients between 2015 and 2017. The two main problems patients were hoping to overcome were sleep problems and pain, and cannabis has been shown to be effective in alleviating both. 95.9 percent of the patients reported an improvement in their condition.
The same team also analyzed the effectiveness of medical cannabis in elderly patients who were being treated in 2015-2017 for a variety of issues, including pain and cancer. The researchers conclude in their paper: “Our study finds that the therapeutic use of cannabis is safe and efficacious in the elderly population. Cannabis use may decrease the use of other prescription medicines, including opioids. Gathering more evidence-based data, including data from double-blind randomized-controlled trials, in this special population is imperative.”
In a review in the special issue, Prof. Donald Abrams at University of California San Francisco Ward in the US covers the recent review conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and MedicineThe Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids. The report, which considered 10,000 scientific abstracts, “concluded that there was conclusive or substantial evidence that Cannabis or cannabinoids are effective for the treatment of pain in adults; chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting and spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis.”
Yet the report also highlighted the barriers to research in the US, which may explain the lack of strong evidence for the therapeutic use of cannabis. This dearth of research has also led to numerous ethical issues in prescribing cannabis, not least because many doctors do not understand the treatment enough to advise dosage and use. An article by researchers at the University of British Columbia, Canada and International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, Prague, Czech Republic provides practical guidance for doctors, with data on cannabis pharmacology.
“This Medical Cannabis special issue covers everything you wanted to know about medical cannabis,” said Prof. Novak. “We hope that it will provide physicians with a contemporary summary of different aspects related to the medical cannabis and guide the choice of an appropriate for the indications where the evidence is sufficient to initiate the treatment. We also hope the articles will facilitate the conversation on the future of medical cannabis research and its accommodation into mainstream medicine.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

International cannabis conference on medicinal research

International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research
November 15,16,2018 Osaka Japan
Theme:“ Challenges and Barriers in Agronomy, Medicinal & upshot of Cannabis


Monday, May 14, 2018


About Conference

International Conference on cannabis, which is scheduled during November 15-16, 2018 at Osaka, Japan. The main theme of the conference is “Challenges and Barriers in Agronomy, Medicinal & upshot of Cannabis " which covers wide range of critically important sessions. It’s a platform to bring all the cannabis scientists together to share their experiences.  it’s the amalgam of scientific research as well as innovative ideas.

Addictive disorders, for example, substance abuse  and dependence are regular issue that include the abuse of alcohol or drugs. Addiction creates after some time and is an incessant and backsliding ailment.

There are three different terms used to define substance-related addictive disorders:
  • Substance abuse, as a disorder, alludes to the mishandle of illicit substances or the abusive utilization of lawful substances. Liquor is the most well-known legitimate drug to be abused
  • Substance dependence is an addictive disorder that describes continued use of drugs or alcohol, even when significant problems related to their use have developed.
  • Chemical dependence is additionally an addictive disorder that portrays the urgent utilization of chemicals (typically drugs or alcohol) and the failure to quit utilizing them in spite of the considerable number of issues caused.
About Organization:
  •  3000+ Global Events
  •  25 Million+ Visitors
  •  70000+ page views for every individual conference
  •  Unique Opportunity! Online visibility to the Speakers and Experts 25000+ unique visitors per conference                                                                                       
Who should attend?

This unique Conference will provide you the opportunity to:

Exchange research and experience

Meet and exchange knowledge with true pioneers from all over the world

Demonstrate your company’s leadership in the Cannabis field

Reach out to key leaders, academic and industry researchers and clinicians

Raise your company’s visibility in the field.

The main aim of the Conference is to bring the latest information and best practices on the introduction of medical cannabis into modern evidence-based medicine and to help to establish the use of medical cannabis as a standard medical procedure. To achieve its aim, the International Conference on Medical Cannabis is designed as an open forum for scientists and other experts, for practitioners in the field such as medical doctors, pharmacists, medical nurses and other paramedical staff, for patient activists, for decision makers and business persons, for the general public and, last but not least, for the media.

Benefits of attending:
A general overview of the state and scope of the cannabis industry today
  • Current hiring trends including which positions are currently in greatest demand
  • Gain an understanding of how these companies operate and prefer to be approached
  • How to stand out as a desirable candidate to a cannabis industry employer
  • An opportunity to have your questions answered
  • An option to upgrade to the conference floor, to take advantage of a complimentary resume review by Viridian Staffing as well as on-site career counseling in the Juana Career Lounge. If any of CCC’s exhibitors express they are hiring for a role you appear to be a likely fit for, Viridian will direct you accordingly.
 Who should sponsor/exhibit:
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug Manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Research Centers

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